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At Park IT Consultancy we believe in the 80:20 Rule. This suggests that for any activity, you can gain 80% of the benefit for only 20% of the effort.
And to gain the last 20% of the benefit will require 80% of the effort.

You can thus have most of the benefit at a much lower cost than the full, "all singing, all dancing" system, and very often, you will not notice the difference!

This is because the "last 20%" often involves dealing with things that rarely occur in practice - trying to make a system "idiot proof" (presumably so that an idiot can use it?) At Park IT Consultancy, our philosophy is that you should not have an idiot in charge of your business systems - and the issue can be more effectively dealt with by training the user to take responsibility for your system and the data held in it.

A solution built to the 80:20 rule
is a cost-effective solution.

For many businesses, particularly those currently making little use of Information Technology, this will be an attractive proposition, and it is a philosophy that allows Park IT Consultancy to offer very competitive prices. Also, as a small, local business, Park IT Consultancy has fewer overheads than many larger businesses, and is able to pass the savings on to you, the customer.

The result is a competitively priced service, offering excellent value for money.

We would value your business, and would welcome the opportunity to quote for any work that you have.

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